Hong Kong

  Hong Kong has a free market economy highly dependent on international trade and finance - the value of goods and services trade, including the sizable share of re-exports, is more than four times GDP. Hong Kong's open economy left it exposed to the global economic slowdown, but its increasing integration with China helped it recover from the downturn more quickly than many observers anticipated. Hong Kong over the past few years has become increasingly integrated with China through trade, tourism, and financial links. The Hong Kong government is promoting the Special Administrative Region (SAR) as the site for Chinese Renminbi (RMB) internationalization. Hong Kong residents are allowed to establish RMB-denomina...  More..

367 Trade Leads

Company Name Aj-great Launch Site
Email raymondlin@aj_great.com.hk
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Company Name Treasure crown international Launch Site
Email lilychan340@gmail.com
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Company Name MAXCARE Launch Site
Email cs@maxcare.com.hk
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Company Name Cental Consiltative Clinic Launch Site
Email drfuchiwing@yahoo.com.hk
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Company Name NEW YORK MEDICAL Group Launch Site
Email henry@nymg.com.hk
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Company Name Helth Top Launch Site
Email louiswong@fukhing.com
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Company Name JCI Kowloon Launch Site
Email info@jcikowloon.org
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Company Name The Hong kong Polytechnic University Launch Site
Email enckli@polyu,edu,hk
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