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B179, Seoul Natinal Univ. Dental Hospital, 101, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03080 Korea
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Ham Eun Young , Manager
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Dr. Zenni Children Toothpaste (Fluoride)

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Dr. Zenni Children Toothpaste (Fluoride)

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Dr. Zenni Children Toothpaste (Fluoride)
- Toothpaste for kids that can spit toothpaste well who are over 4 years old.

Clean the teeth by brushing.
100 people Incumbent dentists product development.
Added certified organic natural ingredients.
Hygienic and safe antibiotic cap.
HApproved by the heavy metal and pesticide residue tests.
No synthetic additives.
Opened every ingredient of Dr.Zenni toothpaste to the public.

Differentiator 1. 100 incumbent dentists participating develop product
Dr. Jenny children's toothpaste can be more reliable because as the 100 incumbent dentists tested quality and extent of testing, plaque removal capability, the feeling after brushing with toothpaste a taste, flavor, color bubble.

Differentiator 2. Addition of natural ingredients derived from organic certification.
Received organic certification for Eucalyptus extract, chamomile extract, sage extract, derived from natural ingredients such as aloe vera extract has been added.

Differentiator 3. hygienic and safe antibacterial cap
More hygienic and safe by adding antimicrobials that prevent to the bacteria, fungi to the cap (lid) of the toothpaste.

Differentiator 4. conducted testing of heavy metals and pesticide residue
Conducted a verification test for heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury) and pesticides (BHC, DDT, Aldrin, Dielrin, Endrin) in the internationally recognized test institute Korea polymer pilot study (KOPTRI)

Differentiator 5. Non of 5 synthetic additives
Not added harmful components to the human body such as synthetic surfactants, synthetic flavors, tar color, parabens, sweeteners.

Differentiator 6. Share ingredients
Zeniton releases, not only the main component of toothpaste, but also disclose the components of the whole. Zeniton respects the consumer's right to know.

The difference between Dr. Zenni kids (baby) and the children's toothpastes is whether fluoride is in it or not.

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