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Water Related Products

Natural Filtration Gravity Water Purifier

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Natural Filtration Gravity Water Purifier

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 Origin Korea

Natural Filtration Gravity Water Purifier

We would like to supply Natural filtration gravity water purifier "WP3200."
We are the manufacturer of the product.
Restoring natural water taste.

The natural filtration water purifiers complex filter and ceramic ion stick make water beneficial for my body. .

The filter made with a mixture of SA18 antimicrobial ball registered at EPA of USA and dechlorination ball with coconut shell activated carbon not only adsorbs and removes safely residual chlorine, impurities and organic compounds but it has an excellent reduction rate of various kinds of microbes (colon bacilli and staphylococci) up to 99.9 percents.

The purifier provides clean and pure drinking water, weak alkaline reduced water that heightens the feeling of refreshment, as it flows out through the ceramic balls and reduction materials made of natural ores.

*Water purification function by stage
1st stage : Fine multiporous ceramic filter
2nd stage : Mixed filling of dechlorination balls and antifungal sterilizing balls with coconut shell activated carbon

3rd stage : 0.7 pi multilayer and multiporous layer of zeolite that has an excellent ion exchange function

1pi ceramic ball layers for adsorbing and decomposing functions of organic compounds

Complex filter structure composed of the layer of quartz porphyry known as the treasury of more than 45 kinds of minerals
4th stage : Functional ceramic balls inducing a change to physical properties beneficial to the body and having a high oxidization-preventing effect

Settling a cartridge in water, in which alkali balls and reduction catalyst balls are layered, which are materials for increase of alkali content and generation of reducing power

It changes purified water to alkaline reduced water, and it has a perfect water purification function of the natural filtration method, equipped with the function of eliminating oxygen free radicals by antioxidization (SOD) effect.


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