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2 Times a week!
3 Steps for SLIMAX

  • Herbal medicine use
  • No exothermic reaction
  • Clinical test completed

STEP 01 Fat decomposition mechanism
Caffeine, Injin mugwort, Lecitin, allantoin are help to accelerate fat decomposition mechanism to help faster get slim. More effective when you exercise or massage. By the increasing number of use, you may feel that more slim feeling

STEP 02 Destroy fat cell
Choline + Sodium Deoxycholate + L-Caffeine are help to melt out surface of fat cell

STEP 03 Discharge from body
B-glucan, adenosine as Nano capsules is absorbed into pores, then delivered to the skin and fatty acid decomposition into 130 piece of water molecule. And then take 72 hours to change to urine, feces, sweat and discharge from body

According to the clinical ttest show, 3 inch reduce by 2 months use.
Not only moisture remove in surface of skin. Cream penetrate into skin dermis and substances tissue that actually essential lipolysis is possible.

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