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Qrontech Co., Ltd.

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2CH Full HD Dash Cam LK-9370 WD

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2CH Full HD Dash Cam LK-9370 WD

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 Origin Korea

2CH Full HD Dash Cam LK-9370 WD

Full HD + Full HD Dash Camera

Front Camera : 1920 x 1080p (30fps)
Rear Camera : 1920 x 1080p (24fps)

Front/Rear Camera 2Channel Recording

Lukas Dashcam has innovated to improve frame of rear camera too.

Dual SONY IMX322 FULL HD Image Sensor

SONY IMX322 Full HD Image Sensor is clearer deinition and accurate detail for both daytime and nighttime content.

Highest Storage Capacity

It is equipped with a dual slot supports up to 512GB.
SD Card : 256GB
microSD card : 256GB

SD Card / microSD card Synchronous Storage

SD Card : Always/Parking(motion) recording
microSD card : Event recording

21 Languages Voice Guidance Support

As 21 languages including English and Spanish are supported for voice guidance, all users can use it easily and conveniently.

Support UV Filter, CPL Filter

The UV ilter ofers clearer video like seeing with your eyes.
It provides more accurate video for protection/absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays.


Combined access to GPS + GLONASS system improves location accuracy.

Car Behavior Information

Support driver's operation Information.
OBD II (Optional).
It displays vehicle data.

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