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815Lab Le Coq D'or Hydrolyzed-Collagen Lifting Cream

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815Lab Le Coq D'or Hydrolyzed-Collagen Lifting Cream

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 Origin Korea
 Application Man & Woman
 Form Cream
 Function Firming
 Time Day & Night

[Product Introduction] 

Collagen Lifting Cream. It is a whitening and wrinkle improving dual function.
The golden age wrinkle improvement revolution of skin. Water-soluble hydrolyzed collagen extract from chicken feet, whitening, wrinkle-improving functionalities. Skin elasticity item for successful women.

Park, Soo - hee (Winner of the Women 's Body Fitness Division at the Mister and Miz Korea Competition, Adjunct Professor at the Seoul Art Vocational College, Author of “Crazy Body Fit Project” and “Life changes as the body changes”) I feel high nutrition.
The mucous texture creates awater film. Lee, Hyerim (Representative of Lime Asset Research Institute, Chief Professor, Global Coaching Leadership course, Graduate School of Public Administration, Dongguk Univ.) The moist moisture is retained over time.
7 in 1 (Whitening + wrinkle improvement + nutrition supply + elasticity + moisture barrier _ skin water collagen fiber + skin calm _ portulaca extract + skin texture improvement _ snow lotus water & Jacob flower extract)
15Lab, a new project brand of Oneface which has been meeting consumer needs since 2009, is planning to carry out 815 beauty projects based on the slogan 'Korea's shining skin.
'As the first project, we have launched "Le coq d'or," a lifting cream containing water soluble collagen extracted from chicken feet with Hanbok cosmetics and hydrolyzed  method.
[Main Functions]

Lifting cream, moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle-improving Functionality "Wrinkle Emergency" The skin wrinkles up little by little every day.

Now look at the mirror and check for wrinkles. Spring: Drifting winds dry skin. Summer: Nutritional damage due to sun and sweat. Autumn: Reminder of dry skin like a dry leaf.
Winter: One more year with cold and sharp wind, resilience warning.
Collagen that sharply decreases from a person 20's.
There is no "safe zone" in the 20s.
Collagen forms a ring and acts as the water route of the skin.
The water of the skin, collagen is disappearing. Celebrity skin secrets.
Hydrolyzed collagen peptide. 815Lab will do the researcht, all you need to do is apply it.
If you eat chicken feet, the next day you will have a shine on the face (Miss A from Gangnam).
There is not enough time to visit a skin care clinic everyday (Miss B from Cheongdam).
I have a complex skin with different moisture content and amount of sebum in different areas of the face (Miss C from Songpa).
[Dimensions and Components]

50ml, hydrolyzed  collagen, is referred as a reliable ingredient.
Snow lotus extract (Patent No. 10-0561036), lupine extract (Patent No. 10-0552269), lotus water, adenosine, niacinamide.
Improves water absorption by "hydrolyzing" collagen.
Collagen Nutrition Block "Collagen Peptide."
It has a relatively low molecular weight compared to other collagen and is produced by enzymatic degradation of collagen. Helps maintain skin's strength and elasticity.
Collagen extracted by hydrolysis is rich in amino acids.(Elastic + nutrition + moisturizing + absorption)
If you apply to skin without eating collagen = 0 kcal. No worries about calories, goes straight to the skin when applied.

It is a popular cream among announcers whose skin become dry from heavy makeup and bright lights.
815Lab and 30 years know-how of Hanbok Cosmetics Research Institute. Forget about collagen until now.
Chicken feet collagen peptide. A special wrinkle-improving functional lifting cream using water-soluble collagen extracted from chicken feet by a hydrolyzed  method.
Le coq d'or?
It means golden, shimmering chickens in French. They are born to wake up the skin that was deeply asleep.
Before the sun rises, make your skin valuable like gold.
Recommended for these people.
- Those who start to develop fine wrinkles
- Those who have rough skin due to dryness
- The skin is gray and the complexion is dark.
- Those who want to improve the wrinkles of eyes and mouth
- If you want elasticity and firmness
- If you are looking for fresh, glossy skin
- If you are tired and lack vitality in skin
- Those who need moisturizing and nutrition because the skin is dry
- If you want to receive complex skin care

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