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Hangover Cure Pyeonanta

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Hangover  Cure Pyeonanta

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 Origin Korea
 Brand Name pyeonanta

Hangover cure PYEONANTA is

made of the extracts of tea, seeds of grape fruit etc., which are the natural resources being fermented. It drastically reduces the hangover symptoms like headache, thirst, drowsiness, feeling of helpessness, concentration proble.

The main cause of hangover is


If you drink alcohol so much, the integration of acetaldehyde takes much time. The residual acetaldehyde in the liver is the reason for hangover like headache, thirst, feeling of helplessness.

The absorbed alcohol into our body goes through the following metabolic procedure

Hangover cure, PYEONANTA

To cure the hangover, the concentration of blood alcohol and acetaldehyde must be lowered.

If you add the PYEONANTA in your alcoholic beverage, the ADH and ALDH are activated. then the main cause of hangover. acetaldehyde is metabolized fast into acetic acid, water, CO2, Therefore the next day morning hangover will be significantly reduced.

The clinical test on the effect of PYEONANTA

(Professor Baek, the head of the gastrointestinal center in the Bundang Jaesaeng hospital)

PYERONANTA Show me your Comfortless

  • Teste and flavor will not be changed with PYEONANTA
  • There is no thirst and headache as of overdinking
  • This is a so natural and safe food obtained through fermentation of the extracts of tea and seed of grape fruit
  • You can be drunken but will have no hangover

PYEONANTA is recommended for

  • Professionals who is working with drinking business
  • Business me and women who have many drinking parties
  • Women and persons who are weak to alcohol
  • Persons who have serious hangover symptoms or stomach problems in the morning after drinking

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icon   Packaging 10 pieces per box

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