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HNS Co., Ltd.
#302, 8-Dong, SiHung Gongu-center, 984, SiHung 3-Dong KumChun-Gu Seoul 153-755 Korea
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Mr. KH Yoo , Director
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HNS Co., Ltd.

HNS Co., Ltd.

HNS Co., Ltd.
Welcome to HNS Co., Ltd !!

HNS has consistently provided the most advanced and the cutting-edge technology quality products with an uncompromised focus on service to become a leading source for world premium skincare cosmetics, silver infused microfiber cleaning cloths, X-ray grids. We are ready to supply you all of your natural herbal skincare product and eco friendly cleaning solution needs, and are sure we could provide you both the quality and a competitive prices with following products ;

1) Natural herbal skincare cosmetics ; Lotion, Skin, Facial mask pack, Eye cream etc.,

2) Silver infused Anti-bacteria and Germ-free microfiber cleaning cloths 

3) X-ray grids 
For more details, please contact us in anytime.

Thank you.

About Us
Antibacterial Silver infused Microfiber cleaning cloths

Do you know the fact - Too Much Bacteria in Too Many Cleaning Cloths ?
Does your microfiber cleaning cloths safe from unhealthy level of bacteria ?

Microfiber cleaning cloths can remove 99.9% bacteria from hard surfaces,
but how to remove bacteria and germs left in it ?

Our microfiber cleaning cloths has a different characteristics compare with the conventional cloths such as Permanent anti-bacterial & sterilization, Permanent ...

New Products

Silver Infused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Silver infused microfiber cleaning cloth with Silver fiber How to remove ...
X-ray Grids
Our grids utilizes the finest precision materials, and each grids is subjects ...

Company Profile
Company Name: HNS Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2002/01/29 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
Keyword Antibacterial, microfiber cleaning cloths, Silver cloths