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Bug Zapper

Portable and Camping Mosquito Killer BugSpark [ABS-100B]

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Portable and Camping Mosquito Killer BugSpark [ABS-100B]

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 Model Number ABS-100B
 Brand Name BugSpark

BugSpark® ABS-100B

LED environment friendly Bug zapper lamp for camping.
No sound, No smelly, No hamful


  • High efficiency with low energy consumption 1.5W
  • Portable(15 hours of battery life with AA x 4pcs Alkaline batteries)
  • LED Semi-permanent lamp
  • Collaborated with LED wire patent technology


  • BugSpark is a product attracting and killing mosquito, moth, mayfly, etc. with high-voltage electricity utilizing eco-friendly LED.
  • It is a portable combination product which can be used for indoor and outdoor activity and it can be used conveniently during activities such as camping, etc.
  • BugSpark has no noise and smell and it illuminates soft light so that it fits for indoor use and charging can be done with general Android smart-phone charger.
  • It is subminiature product and easy to carry during outdoor activity, and it uses four alkaline batteries.
  • It adopts self-discharge function and electricity is automatically removed when switch is off and there is no risk of electric shock during cleaning.
  • Power - Using Micro 5pin Smart Phone Adapter or Using 4pcs of AA Alkaline or Using Micro 5 pin USB cable for Notebook/Computer
  • Net Weight: 170g (without AA battery x 4ea)

Product specification

  • Input Voltage : DC 5V
  • Power : DC 5V 1A adaptor or AA Alkaline batteries x 4pcs
  • Battery duration : 15 hours
  • Color : Black(Body-matt/Middle frame - glass)
  • Charger and AA type battery are not included
  • Size : 180 x 68mm
  • Simple to clean
  • High-end LED light
  • On/Off : Easy and convenient to use

How to clean product

  1. Before cleaning the inner part, please turn off the power so as to avoid electric shock.
  2. Make sure that power is off, and slowly open the upper part to the cap.
  3. Hold the product upside down, sweeping out dirt and insects.
  4. After done with cleaning, please screw the cap back to the position until you hear the 'clack' sound

icon   Price Condition FOB   Inchenon
icon   Packaging 20 pieces per box
icon   Delivery lead time 6weeks for OEM, 7days for ready goods
icon   Minimum order 1
icon   Supply ability 30,000set per month

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