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Forderm Cosmeceuticals
Shark's Fin Series

Shark's Fin Collagen Total Effect Mask LX

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Shark's Fin Collagen Total Effect Mask LX

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 Origin Korea
 Model Number 3029531
 Brand Name Shark's Fin Collagen Total Effect Mask Lx

  • For All Skin Types
  • Premium formula (No alcohol, No mineral oil, No chemical preservatives)
  • Use Bio-cellulose
  • Reasonable price (about 30$)
  • Contains Shark’s fin collagen
  • KFDA approval: Anti-wrinkle, Whitening functional cosmetics

A supreme anti-aging Bio-Cellulose Mask containing enriched Shark's Fin Collagen, adenosine and Niacinamide that brighten and firm aging skin from the inside out. The mask is shaped to fit snugly on the face allowing the rich nutrients to absorb evenly, restoring the skin’s resilience and plumpness with its moisturizing properties. Acts as an artificial barrier to alleviate discomfort while allowing for breathability.

Directions for use Unfold mask and remove film on one side. (The mask can be applied from either side.) Attach the mask to your face by aligning the mask with the location of your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hold mask with one hand and remove netted backing with another hand. Gently press with fingers so that mask attaches to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, Remove mask and discard.

Capacity : 25ml / Sheet
Key ingredients : Shark's fin collagen 2%

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icon   Price USD   2.4 / 1
icon   Price Condition FOB   INCHEON
icon   Minimum order 10000Piece

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