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ERYUN Co., Ltd.
4, Naesu-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul 110-070 Korea
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Donald Lee , President & CEO
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ERYUN Co., Ltd.

ERYUN Co., Ltd.

Heavy Duty Shredder

Premium Heavy Duty Shredder (RS-8200A)

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Premium Heavy Duty Shredder (RS-8200A)

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 Origin Korea
 Model Number RS-8200A/DL-16XD

Quiet, Smooth but Mighty Powerful your last shredders.

We, ERYUN Co., Ltd., were established in 1969 and we are specialized manufacturing the Paper Shredders of 70 somethings various design and purpose during 49 years and up to now.

This model with special user's safety design and functions was recently developed and released cutting edge model  in our's full line up of paper shredders which has smart self control functions. 

[ Special features and functions ]

1. Auto start and auto stop
2. Auto reverse when it's overloading
3. Apply to patent to make longer of automatic sensor duriability
4. Motor protection(Automatic sensing and control of overheating)
5. Pointless geared motor
6. Very low noisy below 50dB
7. Apply to special cutting system made of carbon tool steel 
8. FND display shows you exact every functions status and conditions by itself

If you want to know more further details with this model, please feel free to contact me at any time


[ Features ]

  • The shredder and Baler combination- plastic bag cab fed in through
  • a special opening in the baler inside machine with automatic compaction
  • for easy disposal
  • Operating under complete automatic Safety Devices
  • Operate with automatic sensing system
  • Automatic reverse function when overloaded
  • Automatic sensing when waste bin is full with shreds
  • Upper double cover to prevent safety hazard
  • Heat sensor with thermal starter to prevent overheating
  • Auto sensor will cut off power when overhearing Auto sensor will stop operate machine when door is opened Protective function with automatic sensor

[ Specification ]

  • Entry width: 400 mm
  • Shredding size: 4 mm x 45 mm
  • Sheet capacity: 60(A4)
  • Dimensions: 850mm x 970 mm x 1,090 mm
  • Net weight: 350 kg(771.6 Lbs)
  • Power input: AC380 V, 3 phase
  • Motor peak: 2 HP  
  • Speed: 6.7 m/min
  • Bin Size 800 X 600 X 700 (mm)

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