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 Origin Korea


General Info
Applying SuperClear will not only prevent any water spots or water marks for cleanliness but it also keep the surface clear and visible at all times

Spraying water on Super Hydrophilic coating makes water spread extensively and flow down.
This is will allow water to penetrate closer to glass surface than dust and oil, which allows water to eliminate contamination effectively with its powerful self cleaning properties

Materials for Use
SuperClear is a product that keeps glass/mirror clean and clear. However, it can also be applied to materials that needs clear visibility other than mirrors such as plastic, PE, Acryl, PC (Poly Carbonate), Films, etc.
SuperClear can be applied to shower booth, bathroom, mirror, automobile's side/rear window and side mirror, fish tank, aquarium, building glass, outer wall, camera, surveillance camera, helmet and other various areas

Properties and Keeping
SuperClear colorless and transparent with a alcohol odor. Color and luster of the surface does not change after being coated. Although, stain can be occur because of the existing foreign matter that was on the surface or wrong coating. Stains can be removed easily with only glass cleaner of BLUEGOLD and you can work again. The product can be kept for 1 years in a room temperature of 4 ~ 40 Celsius degree.

How to Use
It should clear object's glass or mirror surface and put spray on. Wipe the sprayed area smoothly with cloth. To get a feeling that SuperClear is evaporating quickly. About a minute later, pour some water on the coated. You will find SuperClear's effect

Once the surface is coated, durability is more than over one month. If continuous contact of water and contamination occurs or function of protecting effect for surface disappears due to exterior of friction, an immediate restoration of function is possible through re-working SuperClear.

Product Specification : 6 x 6 x 13.5
Appearance : Colorless, transparent


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