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General Info
TexDry is fabric protector exclusively for clothing and leather. TexDry's state of the art nano particle penetrates through surface and interior of fabrics and leathers forming a coating film that protects from water and contamination.

Rather than covering clothing's textile surface, TexDry uses the method to coat textile's each strand of thread to repel any water drops that are bigger than textile's gap without getting wet. Whereas sweats or humid produced from the body are emitted naturally outside of the clothing. TexDry is not a water-proof that blocks textile's micropores, but a hydrophobic and fabric protecting product that maintains textile's air breathability that prevents fabrics from being completely wet. Thin clothing, clothing with large number of microporesand general textiles are known to be easily penetrated by water. Properly coated surface will bounce any water-soluble liquids including water and have a bit of oleo-phobic.

Materials for Use
TexDry can be applied to not only clothing made of textile and leather but also to various scopes of materials such as bag, shoes, sofa, bedding, carpet, etc. For textiles, TexDry can not only be used to coat outdoor but also cotton, nylon, silk, polyester and most of the textiles. For leather, TexDry proves to perform better on surface with leather's unique texture such as Ugg's cowhide rather than slick surface such as synthetic leather or enamel materials. Whereas, preliminary trial is necessary for some nanofibersuch as artificial fur and fur since the fibroblast has concerns to become stiff after being coated. TexDry'seffect can be weak for some textiles. If so, please stop using TexDryand send an inquiry to the head office

Properties and Keeping
TexDryis colorless and transparent with a distinct scent. Color and texture of the surface does not change after being coated. Although color can be thickened if it is sprayed excessively or concentrated on a single spot, this can be recovered by washing. To prevent any possibility of stains, it is recommended to be tested before actual usage for sensitive materials such as expensive clothing or leather. The product can be kept for 2 years in a room temperature of 4 ~ 40 Celsius degree.

How to Use
Spray the product lightly and equally from 20-30cm distance away to the desired textile or leather and let it dry naturally. Even if it looks dried from naked eyes, avoid immediate contact with water. Drying time of over 24 hour is recommended for nanoparticles to be stably settled on the surface. Heat drying such as ironing can not only reduce drying time but also strengthen protection effect twice as more.

Once the leather or textile is coated, it is safe against external stimulus or impact for a long durable time with protecting effect of the textile lasting maximum over a year. Simple washing with water can remove any light contamination. If continuous contact of water and contamination occurs or function of protecting effect for textile disappears due to detergent wash, an immediate restoration of function is possible through re-spraying TexDry.

Product Specification : 10 x 5 x 19
Appearance : Colorless, transparent

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