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Angel Aroma Story
AngelLooka Mask Pack

AngelLooka Cooling Foot Mask Pack

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AngelLooka Cooling Foot Mask Pack

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 Origin Korea

AngelLooka Cooling Foot Mask Pack

Product Applications

This moisture will dissolve clean white cuticles and make feet moist. In addition, the heating products make feet warm for who has cold feet, cooling products make your body feel cool for who has heats in body. This is a foot pack of new concept that can make changes of moisture, dead skin, and temperature at the same time.

Major customer segments

all ages, everyone.

Product Features

Special cooling foot mask pack of your own with excellent moisture with three ingredients
- Shea Butter
- Urea
- Mentha Rotundifolia Leaf Extract

AngelLooka cooling foot mask pack is a disposable waterproof socks-type pack that manages your foot. The light goes out or everyday life is possible while wearing it without any inconvenience

AngelLooka Hold my soft foot foots cooling pack is a new concept of3 in 1 system that dissolves dead skin and moisturizes and give nutrition to the rough foots with coolness. While wearing a pack, you can touch smart phone, everyday life without any inconvenience.

AngelLooka cooling packs' proprietary patented ingredient decreases the temperature of the skin temporarily, generates coolness to smooth the skin circulation by Mentha Rotundifolia Leaf Extract, Urea, Shea butter ingredients pass through the skin deeply and retain the softness and the moist for a long time.

  • Drying between the toes Symptom: The water supply capacity is excellent to make the skin between the toes soft and elastic.
  • Toe nail Nutrition: create a smooth, polished healthy toe nail
  • Cracked heel: Angel Luca products soften and dissolve the keratin in the cracked heels.
  • Cool moisture management, foot temperature improvements
  • Everyday life possible: Since the sticky band on the ankle to prevent flowing essence, daily life is possible while pack is on .
  • Requires no foot bath: easily available to pack, you can feel the same effect as a foot bath .
  • Who has very dry feet or worried about dead skin cell.
  • Products for all ages : all the people who want to relax can use .
  • Try it at these occasions
    - Who has very dry feet or worried about dead skin cell.
    - People usually have extremely hot foot.
    - People who have foots that are very dry and lack of nutrition
    - People who want to get foots management while daily life without inconvenience.

It gained much popularity after appearance in the beauty program , and the product has been launched in several shopping medium. AngelLooka is currently being exported to 12 countries, including Hong Kong SASA, Taiwan, China and Japan.

Completed body non stimulation test, thermal test, dead skin cells improvement clinical test, skin moisture improvement clinical trials.

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